July 5, 2015

Sneak Peek Atlanta Gift Show: Pretty in Pink

Posted by Cathy Heck

Here are some more sneak peeks of our new baby gifts to be introduced at the Atlanta Gift Show later this week. Stop by the Primitives by Kathy showroom to see more!

Sneak peeks below are printed and decoupaged on wood from our hand-stitched designs. Perfect for pink and gray nurseries, or shower gifts for new little princesses everywhere.




The banners turned out great. Printed from our hand-stitched letters and characters, they are perfect for a gorgeous baby shower or a welcome home celebration. I love this so much, I might have to hang it over my own drawing table.


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July 1, 2015

Sneak Peek Atlanta Gift Show: Baby Blues

Posted by Cathy Heck

If you are headed to the Atlanta Gift Show next week, be sure to stop by Primitives by Kathy to see lots of new products from our Made With Love baby collection.

Sneak peeks below are printed and decoupaged on wood from our hand-stitched designs. We’ll send some more next post, but here are a few for all of the blue lovers out there. We can’t wait to add some of these to our very own baby boy’s nursery, and our new nursery shop opening on July 15!





And here’s our little guy modeling one of the original stitcheries. If you see us at the gift show … well, okay, we’ll share more pictures or our handsome new model.

Sweet dreams, little fella. CathyHeckStudio_PBK_Blues4


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June 29, 2015

Our New Tummy Model

Posted by Cathy Heck

Our studio spokesmodel is already one month old! Here he is sporting a cloth tummy sticker from the Nursery Daydreams set. (Available July 15, when our new cyber nursery shop opens!)


We are having so much fun watching this little fella grow into every milestone. Next: a big smile that means, “I like you.” CathyHeckStudio_TummyStickers2

We will be sure to keep you posted as we use each of these stickers above. In the meantime, Happy First Month on Earth, little Marty!

June 25, 2015

Give a Little Beach Love

Posted by Cathy Heck

Just in case you need a little something for your friends who invited you to their awesome beach house this summer. Or, just in case you need a little something for your friends who invited you to relax in the blow-up pool with a summer beverage.

Our beach box frames, made by Primitives by Kathy, are ready to fill with a photo and give a happy summer memory. Throw in a notepad with an excellent piña colada recipe … along with the supplies … and you’re sure to be invited back!



Happy Friday. We hope you are able to enjoy some beach time this weekend … even if your beach is made from a lawn chair and the yard sprinklers.

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June 21, 2015

Happy Father’s Day Dads

Posted by Cathy Heck

We hope all the great dads out there are having a moose wonderful day!

Love from all of us at Cathy Heck Studio



June 6, 2015

Our Little One Visits Littlebury

Posted by Cathy Heck

Three years ago, Ellen designed a collection called Littlebury. Little did she know that her own baby boy might be modeling for his one-week-old photo with a Littlebury baby quilt under his soft, sweet self.


If you would like to see some of the original drawings for Littlebury, click here. Most of this collection sold in Australia, but, if you are in America and feeling inspired to make your own Littlebury baby quilt, we found a few of the designs here at Dutchland Quilt Patch.

Or, if you would prefer to just hang out and admire our cute new studio spokesmodel celebrating his first week on earth, you can stay right here.




May 27, 2015

A Peek and a Sneak Peek

Posted by Cathy Heck

Here is one of the very excellent reasons that we had to miss Surtex this year.

Ellen, one of the writers of this blog and designer of many of our collections has, along with her precious husband, introduced her best collaboration ever.

Here’s a peek at our very own studio spokesmodel, born this week! We are all in love with this little fella.


And, this is also a sneak peek of one of our new wooden box frames coming out this July with Primitives by Kathy at the Atlanta Gift Show.

A gift within a gift.

We can’t wait to watch this little peanut grow.


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May 14, 2015

On You Go

Posted by Cathy Heck

It’s that time of year when a new group of graduates is stepping out into the world to make a difference. Whether you will find new ways to feed the world, care for others, or make this old planet we call Earth a prettier place to live … thank you and best wishes.

Happy graduation Class of 2015!








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May 12, 2015

DIY: A Fresh and Tidy Kitchen Herb Garden

Posted by Cathy Heck


Even though Mother Nature forgot that it was springtime in some parts of Colorado on Mother’s Day (her own special day, for Pete’s sake), it really is time to put on your gardening gloves and smell the terra firma.

And, if you need a bit of inspiration, you might want to buy some of our fun new kitchen garden markers by Primitives By Kathy and start your own jardin des l’herbes. Or you might make one for a friend in Denver, with a card that says, “Happy springtime! I promise, it’s here.”



Each marker is made from a print of our original stitching, then decoupaged onto wooden signs attached to stakes. They are for inside gardens only, which makes them even handier, because you can clip your fresh herbs and add them to culinary masterpieces without even putting your shoes on to go outside.


Here are the super easy DIY instructions for making this aromatic garden for your kitchen counter or windowsill:

1) Find six pots in the garage. If they are too dull for the season, paint them a bright color. We chose kitchen-friendly white. You don’t even have to paint them perfectly. Loose brush strokes add to the character.

2) Place a few pebbles in the base of each pot (about 1 inch).

3) Add one herb plant to each pot. The herbs we stitched for the garden signs are: parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme … and basil and oregano, too.

4) We added pebbles on the surface, but you can also top with moss, or just fill in with dirt.

5) Add the fancy herb markers, water every now and then, and enjoy.


Now doesn’t that put a happy springtime look and scent into your kitchen? Plus, now you can be totally hip in the kitchen and start infusing everything from vinegar to vodka.

CathyHeckStudio_KitchenHerbGarden6 CathyHeckStudio_KitchenHerbGarden7


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April 30, 2015

Grown in California: Berkeley Best Bets, Springtime

Posted by Cathy Heck


This is not the way our blueberries are sold in Austin grocery stores.

When we found our way to the Monterey Market in Berkeley, California, we knew we weren’t in Texas anymore. I LOVE blueberries, and not only were these berries abundant (a 4-ft x4-ft bin full), they were perfect … just the right balance of sweet and tart.


In fact, I might have eaten a few too many. I was a little afraid I was going to turn into Violet Beauregarde. Thank goodness I did not have to be juiced.

The reason we were visiting Berkeley is that one of our Heck family designers (and a co-writer of this blog) moved there several years ago (here’s one of our first Berkeley posts), but Ellen and family will soon be moving her studio to the other side of the country, so we knew we had better enjoy one more springtime visit and report our favorite finds from a local. We couldn’t have chosen a better time. Berkeley was in full bloom. (Below are photos of flowers along our neighborhood walk.)


After we picked up our farm fresh produce, we sauntered across the street to the Berkeley Horticultural Nursery. S-l-o-w-l-y, we walked around this amazingly tidy floral maze to study all the gorgeous and unfamiliar-to-us foliage that had been surrounding us as we had been strolling through the Berkeley hills. Below are two you might want to try if you live nearby. The one on the right is named Mrs. Cholmondeley. I think she could be a storybook character.



After we finally forced ourselves to leave the orchid house, we headed to one of our favorite places in the Gourmet Ghetto, the Cheeseboard Collective. If you have a chance to go, you will want to enjoy their daily pizza selection. We were there for sourdough baguettes to take on our hike in Tilden Park.

This regional park is amazing. It’s hard to believe that it is so close to downtown Berkeley. At the top of our hike, we could see to the Golden Gate bridge and beyond. We had planned to have our picnic there with our fruits, cheese and two baguettes, but when we almost stepped on this fella, I suggested that we take our picnic to a different locale. (Even though I once was a brave girl scout, I don’t really love snakes.)


When we arrived at the Berkeley Rose Garden for our picnic, it was one of those days when the sun is hot, the breeze is cool, and in this particular place, the air smelled of roses.

There were roses of every color and variety … and on the way home, we even spied a rose that wasn’t a rose.



And home for us, this time, was just across the street from the Rose Garden. For the first time, we tried an Airbnb, and we can officially report that it was excellent. We were much closer to our peeps and the room was clean and comfortable. We felt as though we were locals.


So, if you find yourself in Berkeley in the springtime, we hope you will enjoy some of our favorite finds … especially munching on blueberries and baguettes in a rose garden.

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