March 12, 2012

Registered Members of the Cactus & Succulent Society of America

Posted by Ellen Heck

Well, not yet, actually.  But I keep telling my husband he should join, if only because “Succulent Society” is so much fun to say.


While my parents were here for that gorgeous February weekend when we were happily showing off our blooming Bay Area, Cactus Jungle was one very important destination.  It’s a sweet little succulent shop on 4th street in Berkeley/Albany, with particularly lovely wall boxes and wreathes and always a few listless whippets coiled in the shade.


Cathy took all of these cool “pot shots” (hee hee) with her iPhone, and I am brazenly stealing them for an eye-candy blog.



Another great thing about Cactus Jungle is that they always label their pots with the genus and species of the cactus or succulent.  It’s great for collectors like us, who might want to get one of each echeveria


one more…


Happy, sunny memories from winter in California!

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