July 29, 2010

Rainbow Around the Block

Posted by Ellen Heck

Here’s the studio’s July contribution to Anna Maria Horner’s Rainbow Around the Block flood relief effort.  This square is made from some samples that we had left over from the Noah Two of a Kind fabric collection that I still sometimes see in stores (here, here, and here, for example).  It was a lot of fun.


I couldn’t decide between the elephants or the giraffes for the center square – because those two have always been my favorite, but as you can see the elephants won out.  I heard somewhere that elephants with raised trunks are good luck, so I’m hoping they’ll use their gifts to make this block fit well with the other contributions coming in from all over the country.

Here’s the flickr pool of some other quilt blocks that people have donated.  Sometimes during lunch I’ll watch one of these pools as a slide show to get inspiration – it’s very satisfying.


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June 24, 2010

fun Etsy fabric finds

Posted by Ellen Heck

CathyHeckStudio_Etsy1 CathyHeckStudio_Etsy2

We love getting to see the adorable things people are able to do with the materials and fabrics that we have made.  Here are two cute finds that are currently on Etsy.

This is a sweet Noah’s Ark Two of a Kind quilt by My Cute Idea from Salt Lake City (top and left).  (It looks great hanging on your fence, by the way.)
CathyHeckStudio_Etsy3 CathyHeckStudio_Etsy4

And here (top and right) is a clever Little Pond soft-book-turned-rag-quilt with a burp cloth and toy clip by Diana of Crafts by Diana.

Lovely pieces, Ladies!




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March 13, 2010

And the Winner of the Welcome Home Noah Giveaway is…

Posted by Ellen Heck

CathyHeck_ElephantGift2 Number 24! Congratulations, Marci, who said, “These are so beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win, I have my fingers crossed.”

We will be sending you your new Welcome Home Noah baby book, calendar, and photo album very soon.

Many thanks to all of you who entered the contest.  Please, stay tuned for more chances to win and updates on this adorable collection.  Again, we toast the online random number generator which decided our winner – you saved us on paper and scissors and a hat.

March 4, 2010

Welcome Home Noah and a Giveaway to Celebrate

Posted by Cathy Heck


Tadah!  Our new collection is born:  we are proud to introduce Welcome Home Noah, published by the wonderful folks at C.R. Gibson.  I just received my samples, and they are beautiful!  We want to celebrate with a giveaway of three brand new pieces to one lucky winner next Friday.  (See photos and learn more at end of the post.)  The photo above shows our samples piled around the studio.  The baby books and several other pieces are covered in soft fabric and embellished with silky embroidery thread, which matches the artwork perfectly.  This is my fifth Noah’s Ark themed baby book collection.  I think the reason I receive so many requests for Noah’s Ark designs for babies is that the giver can feel as though he or she is giving a little blessing to a precious new child.


We designed this group to work perfectly for both boys and girls.  And, if you think the covers are pretty, wait until you peek inside.  The interior pages are so inviting that you will want to fill in every page … but lucky for you, a few wonderful years will need to pass before you record the First Day of Kindergarten page.  The picture below shows one of my favorite pages, the Family Tree.  New parents can fill it in before the new baby even arrives, which is a very good idea, since very soon their time will not be their own … for about the next 20 years!


We created unique patterns for each bordered page and lots of illustrations to help you tell the new story that is about to unfold.

One of my favorite coordinating products is the One-Year Calendar with Stickers.  I loved this product when I had new babies and I was trying to juggle work and motherhood, because the important happenings of each day were limited to one little square.  I could handle one square of info a day and I actually had a fairly thorough record of all those important milestones.  My idea was that later I could refer to it when I had a bit more time to fill in the baby book … I’m still waiting for that bit more time, but, at least I know I have all the info ready to go, one little square at a time.  And until you get around to finalizing that baby book, the Calendar is an excellent story-telling venue … when Julianna was little, she used to ask me to read to her right out of her calendar.  It’s usually a pretty satisfying read, with passages like, “Today, you were amazing.” and “Wow, you said your first word.  You are brilliant.”  I recommend this for an excellent self-esteem builder. Hey, I wonder if there is a calendar about me?

We hope you enjoy our new baby collection with your new baby or a special little one you are about to know.  You can find Welcome Home Noah online at C.R. Gibson.

To celebrate the birth of our new baby collection, we are giving away three new Welcome Home Noah products this week.  The winner will receive a bound Baby Book signed by the artist (that would be me), a First-Year Calendar with Stickers and a Grandma’s Brag Book!  Just add your comment to the comment box below, and we will pick a random winner on Friday, March 12.


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February 24, 2010

And the winner is…

Posted by Ellen Heck

CathyHeck_ElephantGift Number 32!  Congratulations to Lisa R, we hope that your sister and her new baby boy will enjoy their friendly Noah’s Ark elephants.

And many thanks to all of you who entered the contest.  We will be having several more in the next few months to celebrate the arrival of Welcome Home Noah in stores, so please stay tuned for more chances to win.  Thanks also to the online random number generator which decided our winner – you saved us on paper and scissors and a hat.

September 11, 2009

Noah’s Ark Two of A Kind is One of a Kind

Posted by Cathy Heck


I just received this fun sample … don’t you just want to touch it!  This is a 12” x 12” Scrapbook made by Tapestry and just out in Michael’s. We illustrated the cover with our Noah’s Ark Two of A Kind design, which you have seen on fabrics made by Springs Creative, and combined it with some of the coordinating patterns in muted safari tones.  Several of the animal buddies are tipped-on for a wonderful 3D tactile experience.  I can’t wait to start filling up the scrapbook with photos two by two, four by four and … I better get to work!

August 24, 2009

Seeing it Soft

Posted by Ellen Heck

CathyHeck_CozyN2KQuilt It was such a treat to find this hand-quilted Noah’s Ark Two-of-a-Kind baby blanket on Etsy today at Nana McQuilts.  At the studio, we become so attached to Cathy’s actual illustrations – the two-dimensional art on paper – that it’s always a treat to find these same characters as toys, on ceramics, or in this case, in 100% cotton. While a ceramic seal will always look more slippery than his watercolored counterpart, there is nothing cozier than a cotton panda. That’s what I like most about this quilt: it’s so warm and cozy looking.  I feel like it should be spread out on the grass in summer and before a fireplace in winter…preferably with books strewn over it.

The pieces for making this quilt yourself can be found here, and at any of the Jo-Ann stores.

January 1, 2009

New Beginnings

Posted by Ellen Heck


Because many of you have known and loved Cathy Heck’s work for over twenty years, we at the studio have decided that it is time to start a blog where we can celebrate the daily joys of creating art for you and your children. We are celebrating a new beginning!


This blog arrives just before the start of one of Cathy Heck Studio’s biggest projects yet: the launch of our entirely new Flash website, which allows you to create for your child – or with your child – a personalized work of art with choices from hundreds of Cathy Heck illustrated characters and patterns. You will also be able to buy coordinating nursery art, and limited edition signed prints of Cathy’s classic beautifully-illustrated scenes, such as Little Pond and Noah’s Colorful Ark.

We’ve been working on this website for over two years now – designing and testing to make sure everything is just right for its launch, which will be so soon! We can’t wait, because although we are technically still in the last stages of creation…


we’re pretty sure that we can see the rainbow at the end of the storm. :)


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