May 18, 2014

SURTEX is now!

Posted by Cathy Heck

SURTEX is now. Come and see us! And, if you can’t make it to New York, come see us cyberly from our new updated website. We will be sure to report back on new trends and new friends, as well as any dining discoveries we make in between.




May 16, 2014

A Pack of Pachyderms from Cathy Heck Studio

Posted by Cathy Heck


This year, at SURTEX, we are featuring our new collection, Made With Love. And, indeed, all of the original art was stitched by hand–a labor of love. And time. The silver lining was, however, that we could stitch the art while enjoying a variety of excellent PBS programs … except Sherlock. (You CANNOT stitch and watch Sherlock with any hope of following his digitally displayed deductive reasoning.)

During SURTEX, we will also be sharing many other collections, which have been created with a variety of media. Sometimes, an art director will ask us, “What medium do you use?” And, our answer might be, “What medium would you like us to use?” We enjoy choosing the perfect material to fit the collection: watercolor or gouache, cut-outs or collage, pencil or pixels–or all of the above. We think it makes the final collection stronger. Plus, it’s more fun.

So, we recruited a few of our studio elephants to help us compile a packet showing the variety of mediums and styles we use in the studio. See some of the samples from our Pack of Pachyderms below.




If you are an art director looking for a painterly elephant of a giraffe in stitches, please come by our booth. We would love to visit. (And if you have to miss the safari party this year, just give us a call when we are back in the studio, and we’ll party digitally.)

Hope to see you at SURTEX. Cathy, Ellen, and Julianna

May 14, 2014

Mr. Moose Goes To SURTEX

Posted by Cathy Heck

If you are headed to SURTEX, we hope you will stop by our booth. Or, if you prefer to have an appointment, just click on the SURTEX button from our new updated website. We look forward to seeing you in NYC.


P.S. If you find at any moment during the show that you have been so excited about seeing so much amazing art all in one place and forgot to eat something and are feeling faint and woozy, we will again offer a pepper-upper show snack. This year’s menu: granola bars to celebrate our eco-hip hand-made collection, Made With Love. (We didn’t actually hand-make the granola bars … just the collection. You will be glad to know this, as we only have a License to Draw*, not a license to make food.)

*I presume we have a license to draw … since we read Ronnie Walter’s book, License to Draw. Ronnie, do we have an official license to draw if we read your book?


May 11, 2014

A Mother’s Day Surprise

Posted by Cathy Heck



Happy Mother’s Day … we can’t think of a better person to celebrate! Not only are moms smart … but they are clever, hard-working, devoted, loving, and, of course, pretty.

We hope you have a wonderful, happy day hugging or virtual-hugging on your favorite mom.


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April 19, 2014

Egg of the Day … Or Four

Posted by Cathy Heck

Ah, best laid plans of mice and moms. Four days ago, we had planned to share an Egg of the Day each day before Easter. But alas, we’re running out of time, since Easter is … tomorrow! So, here are Four Eggs of the Day–all at once. Hope it doesn’t send your cholesterol soaring.









We hope you find dozens of eggs to fill your baskets tomorrow … especially the chocolate kind … and the bacon kind, if there is such a thing. Then you could have eggs and bacon-eggs for Easter brunch!

Have a great day with your favorite peeps … and, your marshmallow Peeps® too … from the Cathy Heck Studio bunnies, and the artists who made them.


April 11, 2014

Springtime in the Studio: Circle of Life

Posted by Cathy Heck

Well, I think this might be my very first sad blog story. But it’s not completely sad … it’s all mixed up, happy and sad. Like life.

It all started with this … the exciting new nest that was built in a planter right next to the walkway to our front door.

CathyHeckStudio_SpringtimeBirds1 Every time I headed out the door, the mom bird would zoom out of the nest and race to the driveway, chirping loudly, as if she was saying, “There isn’t anything over there in that planter right by your front door–all the good wildlife is over here near your car.”

I would smile and nod and pretend like I didn’t know about the nest that had FIVE whole eggs in it. Yes, I peeked inside. Every. Time. I. Walked. By.

Then, one day, I heard some tiny little cheeps, even though the mom bird was yelling at me from the garage. So I raced to get my camera, and there they were … five little birds. Clearly, they thought I was their mom coming back with some excellent worms.


This daily reminder of new life and new possibilities gave a little pep to my step each time I passed by.

But, then, one day, as I walked by, the mom didn’t race out, and she didn’t chirp me toward the garage, and the babies just stared at me. “We are pretty sure you are not our mother.”

And, I thought, “Uh oh.” When Jim came home, I said I hadn’t seen the mom all day. And he said that he was afraid of that. That morning, a bird, that Jim suspected was the mom, had miscalculated and thought our window was the sky, and, well … Jim had had to bury her in our little garden graveyard for birds who think our windows are the sky.

We thought about taking the nest, complete with baby birds, to the science department (with some worms from the bait stand, of course), but then we saw a grown-up bird who seemed to be feeding the orphans. So we decided to let nature do its thing. But, after a few days, there were no more peeps and no movement. Things were just looking … well, dead. It made me feel so sad every time I walked past. I don’t know why it affected me so … but it did.

So, it was decided that when Jim came home from work, he would pull out the whole nest, and bury it in the garden graveyard. We tried to make ourselves feel better by telling ourselves that it was just the circle of life. But we still felt gloomy.

Then, that very day, as I slowly shuffled down the walkway to pick up my mail, I heard a little flutter. What? No way! There were two little fluffy birds, who had pushed their way out of the nest. “Oh my gosh. Two are alive!” (Unfortunately, the others were not, R.I.P.) But, still, I felt so much better.

At first the two strong survivors just sat there. (I think they look a bit angry in this photo … and I can understand why they would. They had experienced a very rough childhood.)


As they sat there just huffing and puffing, I was worried, “Who is going to teach them to fly?” But they gathered their courage and the first one put her foot out to begin the first flight … and fell straight down to the ground. Hopped up. Began to flit and flitter, until she was flying. Her sibling followed suit and off they went into the wild blue yonder … well, really just into the tree next to our yard. Apparently they have to travel branch to branch for awhile before they can conquer the wild blue yonder.

So, as you can imagine, there were lots of ups and downs on the walkway to and from Cathy Heck Studio last week. But, the skies are looking blue, and we are busy making new art for Spring 2015 … some of it might even include a bird, or two! Happy springtime.


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March 29, 2014

Inspiration Break: Lunch With A Zebra

Posted by Cathy Heck

Our weekend blogger, Julianna, reports today from studio east in Norfolk, Virginia, where she recently took an inspiration excursion to the zoo.


I had lunch with a zebra this week. Well, that was an odd sentence … but it’s true! I really did have lunch with a zebra, and a tiger, and several giraffes, and even an elephant. When the weather is nice, there is nothing quite like going to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk for a little lunch and a light stroll. We usually make some sandwiches, fill our backpacks and head off to see the animals. I have been to the Norfolk zoo about 50 times, so really, I am just eating lunch with my friends.

In addition to our lunches, I always pack my sketchbook, because there is nothing quite like drawing a zebra while looking at a zebra.



March 20, 2014

First Day of Spring 2014: Fashion Report

Posted by Cathy Heck

On this, the first day of spring, in many places across the land, the spring flowers peeked out of the winter soil … and then ran back in to get their jackets … except for Crocus, who loves a springtime fashion event whether rain or shine or snow. She couldn’t wait to show off her 2014 resort wear sporting a skimpy Pantone 18-3224 Radiant-Orchid bikini.

Happy First Day of Spring. And to our northern friends, we hope things are finally thawing in your neck of the woods. And, if these are the only flowers you see today, we hope that they put you into a springtime mood and inspire you to do a little happy dance just knowing that spring will indeed finally arrive, like always, full of possibility … and flip flops.



March 17, 2014

Just In Case You Forgot To Wear Green to the Office Today

Posted by Cathy Heck

When I forget to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, I just say it’s on my underwear. I know that’s a little green lie, but when your office is in your home, your co-workers might be five years old, and the idea of being allowed to pinch mom is just too appealing … all … day … long. (My co-workers are no longer little, but we did have five-year olds on staff for a very long time.)

So if you still have little colleagues, feel free to use my underwear-decor excuse. However, if you are afraid it’s bad luck to lie on St. Patrick’s Day, here are some slivers of green from the leprechans at the Cathy Heck Studios in Texas, Virginia and California.

To avoid a pinch, you can just reach up and touch your screen, saying, “You can’t pinch me, I’m wearing my green in pixels today.” That counts, right? I mean it IS 2014.

Enjoy a pinchless St. Pat’s, and we hope you receive some excellent iLuck today and throughout the year.




Note: We do not have a new puppy … this is a #memory monday photo of Neville when he was but a wee lad, before he realized that he would have to spend the rest of his life dressing up as everyone from the Easter bunny to Neville O’Heck.

Wishing a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!


March 14, 2014

Eggs: ‘Tis the Season for Fresh and New

Posted by Cathy Heck

A few days ago, a dear friend brought me these beautiful farm-fresh eggs to brighten my day. Not only did they bring a smile … but also an excellent springtime color story.

Cath: “Thank you and wow, let me just save these colors before we turn them into Kiki’s Delicious Deviled Eggs.”



Then, the very next day, this flannel fabric strike-off (above) arrived in our studio west for corrections and review. We would love to tell you that the eggs above were the inspiration for the Humpties below, but these drawings were completed months ago. So, perhaps this is actually a case of reverse-inspiration … or maybe scrambled déja vu.

In any case, they both are examples of happy new things to come. Hope you are having a little hint of springtime in your neck of the woods.

P.S. You can enjoy these soft flannels all over again in the late spring when they hit the market as part of our upcoming collection, Nursery Rhyme Kingdom, coming out with David Textiles.

P.P.S. Here’s the recipe for Kiki’s Delicious Deviled Eggs, and don’t worry, these are just as delicious with eggs of a more subtle color story.


Note: Kiki was Greek, and added Cavender’s to everything, but if you don’t have any on hand, these are still tasty, just not so Greek. From time to time, we have also added a tiny bit of lemon juice for a little extra zing.  As you can see, this is one of those recipes that is slightly different every time you make it. But always delicious.


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